How to Start Hashing with Atomic

John Sostak
May 2, 2024
min read

Start Hashing with Atomic

With Atomic, you can connect your ASIC hardware to our pool and earn a premium on your hash. The user experience is identical to connecting to any other mining pool.

Connecting your workers

The following is a guide on how you can connect your Bitcoin miners to the Atomic mining pool.

Step 1: Connect workers

You'll first need the Atomic pool server and your unique Atomic UserID to begin hashing with Atomic.

Navigate to the Mine tab in your Atomic account and click 'Add ASIC' under the Active Worker section.

Connect your ASIC to the Atomic pool.

Once 'Add ASIC' is selected, you'll be shown the Atomic Pool Stratum URL and and your Username/UserID.

Make note of the Atomic Pool Stratum URL and UserID. You'll need this to properly configure your mining device.

Step 2: Configure your mining device

Now that you have the Atomic Pool Stratum URL and your unique UserID, you can configure your mining device.

On your mining device, navigate to your settings and add the Atomic Stratum URL and Atomic UserID in the appropriate fields.

Configure your mining device so Atomic Pool receives your proof of work.

Note: Providing a worker name is optional; however, it's recommended to add a worker name for each miner for more precise monitoring. Workers without a worker name will show up as 'default' on your Atomic dashboard.

Example: UserID.WorkerName (ItCHex86.3 in the above photo)

After several minutes, your active workers will show up on the Atomic dashboard if they are properly connected and hashing.

Active workers will show up on your Atomic dashboard.

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