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If you buy hashing, you can use it to develop on Bitcoin. You can also use it to mine Bitcoin. You can point hashing at any pool or self mine and capture Bitcoin from the source, Bitcoin Core. Freshly minted Bitcoin has never been circulated as it has never been on an exchange or in a wallet. Depending on your strategy for capturing Bitcoin, and the cost basis it is recorded at, miners have a few tools not afforded to buyers of BTC from exchanges and OTC. Buying hashing on Atomic is mining, without the cost and commitment of building and operating a mining facility.
If you mine Bitcoin, you typically mine to a pool. Pool fees are usually around 2% of Bitcoin captured. Atomic has no pool fees. Additionally, any premium charged to the hash buyer, is shared with the miner. Atomic miners can also set up a percentage or all of their payment in USD or BTC, avoiding an exchange or OTC. Miners make more money when they Mine on Atomic.
Atomic is located in Texas Hill Country. We have a workspace in Austin, and the HQ is in Marble Falls. Atomic is wide open for business and enjoys hosting clients.
Atomic is effectively, fee free. Atomic generates revenue by charging a modest premium to hash buyers, which is shared with the miner who fills the order. Any fee related to payments or withdrawals are done at cost from the dealer or bank that fills it.
Atomic does not accept credit cards. All payments in and out are USD or BTC only.
Typically, you do need to mine Bitcoin from a mining pool unless you are mining for a block like buying lottery tickets. The collected work of millions of machines allows small miners who could statistically never win a block, capture sats for their contribution. Atomic can share a list of vetted pools with you. If you are a business making large investments in Bitcoin, contact Atomic's concierge desk and explore options that may or may not include mining pools.
No. Atomic is a Bitcoin platform and only accepts Bitcoin or USD.

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