Atomic Full Stack Dev

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  • March 23, 2023

Hiring Description

Atomic is a startup located in Marble Falls, about 50 miles northwest of Austin in Texas Hill Country. We do have a workspace in Austin. Our platform brokers SHA256 ASIC servers for Bitcoin mining farms, with the server time being leased to buyers of the SHA256 hashing. Our customers use SHA256 to capture Bitcoin or for development on Bitcoin Core.

We are currently seeking a Full Stack Developer to lead our tech team. This position offers a competitive salary along with equity, performance bonuses, annual bonus, and full benefits. The role requires in-person, in-office work three days a week.

$120k – $160k Year One Comp

Organization Stack :

  • Knowledgebase management
  • Communication tools management
  • Project management tools management
  • File management tools management
  • Help desk ticketing management
  • Web analytics

Dev Stack :

  • Agile development methodologies
  • UI development with HTML, CSS, and React Native
  • Backend development with Python
  • Development of internal APIs with Django
  • Integration of third-party APIs such as Stripe, Stryke, and Cashapp
  • Experience with integrated development environments such as JetBrains, Webstorm, and PyCharm
  • Experience with version control tools such as Git
  • Knowledge of package managers such as Yarn
  • Knowledge of state management tools such as Redux
  • Experience with databases such as MySQL and Redis
  • Experience with charting libraries such as Recharts

Computing Stack :

  • Experience with cloud computing services such as AWS
  • Knowledge of AWS security practices
  • Experience with auto-scalability using AWS Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Experience with continuous integration and development pipelines using AWS Cloud Dev Kit
  • Knowledge of canaries using Amazon CloudWatch
  • Knowledge of content delivery networks such as CloudFlare
  • Experience with DDoS protection using Cloudflare
  • Knowledge of pool software such as Node.js, C++, Python, and Stratum
  • Experience with load balancing software such as HAProxy, NGINX, Apache HTTP Server, F5 BIG-IP, Azure Load Balancer, Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, and Citrix ADC
  • Experience with database management software such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, and IBM DB2
  • Knowledge of API software such as JSON-RPC, RESTful, GraphQL, Websockets, and gRPC