Mine on Atomic

Trade hash power, mine Bitcoin, and maximize your earnings in a dynamic marketplace designed for miners and buyers alike

Ease of Entry into
Bitcoin Mining

Dive into the world of Bitcoin mining without the hefty upfront investments. Atomic grants you access to top-tier ASIC mining facilities, making it a breeze to start mining your own Bitcoin.

Maximize Earnings
for Sellers

Miners, elevate your earnings by selling your hash power on Atomic. Enjoy dynamic pricing, the option to be paid in USD, and a premium on your hash power, all while avoiding the usual pool fees.

Capture Freshly
Mined Bitcoin

With Atomic, mine Bitcoin that's never touched an exchange or been in a wallet, reducing vulnerability to government seizure or rejection by certain businesses and exchanges.

Maximize Your Mining Earnings with Atomic

Sell your SHA256 hashing power on Atomic's cloud platform at a premium. Benefit from dynamic pricing on 24-hour contracts and no pool fees, all while enjoying fee-free ACH transactions for smooth revenue collection.

The American Hash Power Marketplace

Avoid the hefty investment in ASIC computers and mining facilities by purchasing hash power through Atomic. Mine pristine Bitcoin that's never touched an exchange or wallet, reducing vulnerability, all with the ease of cloud-based trading.

Welcome to the Bitcoin Capital
of the world

Atomic operates from Austin, the heart of a state known for its pro-Bitcoin stance. In Texas, where the spirit of innovation meets miner-friendly regulations, we deliver unparalleled Bitcoin mining solutions to a community that values the power of decentralization.